Monday, July 23, 2012

Troop 30154 visits Disneyland for their bridging ceremony

Thanks to Savannah B. from Troop 30154 of Grants Pass for this blog post!

In November, when my mom and leader, Naomi B., went to the Girl Scout National Conference, she found out that Disney was partnering with Girl Scouts to create a celebration for the 100th birthday.  She came home and told our troop all about it and we decided that very night we were going to do the trip.  

Our troop has only done one other big trip in seven years and it was to spend the night in the Shark tubes at the Newport aquarium when we were juniors.  Each year, our troop earns money from council sales to fund area events that we host such as the Candyland Ball, Chili-n-S'more Cookoff, Thinking Day, etc and also for the many service projects we do each year according to our badge work and community needs.  

We knew that if we were going to do this trip and still do all the other things we are committed to, we would have to earn more money.  When our troop sat down and did the budget and math, we figured it would cost us $550 per person and that was with the amazing discount 4 day park hopper tickets offered by Disney, the use of a friends Condo for a VERY cheap rate and strategic shopping for meals and gas.  Each girl was responsible to meet the deadlines we set to turn in money, but we all helped each other.

 We organized babysitting nights at a local church and quickly became a popular evening out for many families.  This has become a regular money earning avenue for our troop now.  We also recycled over $100 in cans and bottle, hosted a scrapbook night, did assorted odd jobs as a group and individually to get it all in.  It taught us a lot about being business women and we earned a couple of badges to boot!

Disney arranged for three separate ceremonies that Saturday and our group was the third and final session and there were only two groups from Oregon that went and we were second to last to walk across the bridge.  We had Daisy Duck as our special guest and wearing our uniforms in the park was like being a celebrity.  

People would stop and ask us questions about being a Girl Scout and it made us feel good to tell them how important and proud it made us.  We met a lot of girls from all over California, Washington, Alaska and even one girl from Hawaii. It all went by too fast! But coming across the bridge was amazing and awesome!  The next day we had a Youth Education Series class offered by Disney for Animation.  

We were able to go behind the scenes in California Adventure and see animators at work, learn to draw Oswald the Rabbit, act out a cartoon scene, voice it and sing and then ride on Tower of Terror to see how Disney incorporates stories into rides.  We had the best counselor ever! It was a great experience and it taught us that with hard work, we can do anything! Our next goal is to take a cruise in 2014!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Girl Scouts March in Creswell 4th of July Parade

Thanks to Anastasia N., age 12, of SU 64's Troop 20247 for writing this blog post.

Girls ages 5-14 marched proudly and enthusiastically in the Creswell parade. They walked, biked, and or road the float. All had fun with anything they did; passing out candy, and or waving. A great deal of happiness and cheer came from the crowd. Most were happy to see us, asking “Where are the cookies?” and some just saying “Happy 4th!”. Over all it was a great parade to be in. Girl Scouts was greatly appreciated in the Creswell parade. Hope you can join us next year at our grand parade.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bronze Award project from Troop 40219 in Canby: Donations to the Oregon Humane Society

Thanks to Leah S., Brianna S. and Jenny T. for submitting this Bronze Award Article to GSOSW

Girl Scout Bronze Award Oregon Humane Society Donations
Brianna S. and Jenny T.

The two Junior Girl Scouts began their adventure by meeting with their leaders and brainstorming ideas of what they both had a passion for and decided they wanted to do something with or for animals. 

Their requirement was to complete one Girl Scout journey and they selected “Get Moving”- Energize, Investigate and Innovate which required them to take time at home, in their community and school to learn about saving energy, recycling to include making recycled paper and collecting cans for recycling, methods of transportation and designing new ways for an old area to conserve energy or reuse materials. In addition they were required to complete at a minimum 20 service hours brainstorming, planning, researching and implementing their service project.

Once the girls completed their brainstorming, they decided on contributing to the Oregon Humane Society for Dogs and Cats/kittens since they both have 1 of each animal.  Their project evolved into making “Pet Paks” when they went into the community to ask for donations for their project.  They designed a flyer (each had a part to write) which described their needs for the project consisting of fleece for the pet warmers and food donations.  

The first store they went to was The Pendleton Woolen Mill store and one of the employees taught the girls how to make “Tug Toys” out of recycled materials from the edges of the wool rugs.  Two of the employees donated five lbs. each of recycled materials for the girls to start their project.   The “Tug Toy” was the beginning. Then they went to the Carpet Store and an employee donated fleece material for their Pet Warmers idea (made from 18x18 pieces of fleece material cut and tied into ½ knots around the edges).

 The next stop was Jo-Ann fabrics where again an employee donated fleece material for the project for a total of 100 pet warmers for injured or battered, abused animals brought into the shelter.   

The second area of the girls’ project they agreed on was that if they were going to donate items to the Oregon Humane Society, they would also go to stores to request donations for dog and cat food and kitten formula based on the request from the Humane Society.  The girls went to Wilco in Canby, Coastal in Oregon City, and Animal House Pet store in Oregon City. In addition the collection of soda cans for the recycling portion of the journey project provided them with money to buy additional kitten food.

All in total the girls made 100 pet warmers, 50 tug toys, received in donations or bought 50lbs of dog food, 30 lbs of cat food, 55 cans of wet cat food and 34 ounces of kitten powder/formula.

The presentation to the Oregon Humane Society was on June 10, 2012 in the afternoon to culminate the girls success in completing 20 hours plus of service time on the project and the “Get Moving” journey.

The families of both girls are proud of their focus, their passion for animals and desire to finish the project together as a team and sisters in Girl Scouting.  The Bronze award is the final accomplishment before moving into Cadette Girl Scouting which starts in 6th grade. The girls are members of Troop 40219 in Canby, Oregon. A great accomplishment to end their year together.