Friday, May 23, 2014

SU 7 has a unique way to say "Thank you" to their volunteers

We all know that Girl Scouts couldn’t run without great volunteers. Volunteers give their time on top of busy school activities and family duties, which is why it’s so important to say thank you! It’s always fun to hear about the unique ways girls, troops and service units say thanks this time of year. Service Unit 7’s service team came up with a great way to not only tell the leaders of their SU that they were appreciated, but to also announce it to their entire neighborhood!

Sign put in front yard for
Volunteer Appreciation Week
For Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 20-26), the team decided to have yard signs made that acknowledge the hard work of the leaders in their service unit and give them a public thank you. Once the signs were made, service team volunteers and parents went around to 105+ houses and posted the signs for everyone to see that a hard-working volunteer lived there and was appreciated.

At GSOSW, we’re inspired by such a creative way to let volunteers know that all of their work and commitment is truly valued. Awesome work, SU 7! How do you thank your volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation Week and throughout the year? Tell us on our Facebook page: