Friday, January 10, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Season is Here!

Cookie order taking has officially started! Now is a great time to use Cookie Club to send emails to potential cookie customers (especially if you're out of town, or lots of your regular contacts are still out of town).

Cookie Club customers purchase an average of 2 boxes more per ask than other customers - so flex those fingers and log in to the Cookie Club! (Make sure your cookie permission slip is on file with your troop and your troop has set up girls in Cookie Club in order to access.)

And don’t despair if you are ready to sell Girl Scout cookies and your troop doesn't have order cards out yet - there is one extra week of order taking this year! The #1 reason that most people give for not buying Girl Scout cookies is that they were never asked, so use this time to plan out your cookie contact strategies!

Coming Up this Weekend
The premiere of “Girl Scout Cookie Wonderland” is this Saturday, January 11! It’s a fun – and easy – way to inspire and teach girls about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. This magical, behind-the-scenes bakery tour is the must-see show of the season.

During the show, each girl will be invited to complete her own Recipe for Success, a business plan for the Cookie Season. This simple tool will help girls develop skills they will take with them for life.

All you really need are about 50 minutes and an Internet connection. Starting January 11, 2014, you will find Cookie Wonderland on the home page of Can’t watch it this weekend? No problem! Watch later with your family at home or together with your troop at your next troop gathering. Enjoy the show!