Friday, June 22, 2012

Troop 40052 learns about Transit Safety with TriMet

Thanks to Troop 40052 co-leader Kim Cummings for this photo and blog post!

Troop 40052 in SU 8 decided to work on the GSOSW Patch Program "Transit Safety and Education" patch

We met with Pam Wilson, Marketing and Outreach Services Manager at TriMet. She came to our meeting and gave us some really important information about riding public transportation safely. At each level, scouts have a designated amount of requirements to fulfill at the Discover, Connect and Take Action categories.  

Our troop found that in the "Discover"category using public transportation reduces our carbon footprint and how to safely ride their bikes around transit vehicles. In the "Connect " area, we learned about different road signs, crossing signs, and safety features they might see at a RR crossing. They also learned how to take their bikes safely on TriMet vehicles and mount them on the bike racks on the front of the bus

For out "Take Action" learning, we made posters about the dangers that might happen around public transportation. Our posters will be hanging in bus shelters around Portland. We also distributes safety materials that were provided to our troop to teach others about being safe around TriMet vehicles.

On June 9th we were invited to attend a Safety Event at "The Round" in Beaverton to receive our Patches from Beavertons' Mayor Denny Doyle and the TriMets General Manager  Neil McFarland. 

Our girls were invited to help plan next years event to get the word out about this important badge to earn.