Friday, June 29, 2012

What Girl Scout Camp is all about

Thanks to Girl Scout Senior Amy Bissel of Troop 10813 for the following post about camp:   
For those of you who want to know what Girl Scout Camp is all about, here is some of what I have come up with.
Girl Scout Camp

It's a place where friends are found, and some memories that will stay with you for a life time, are created.
You learn anything from, how to tie a knot, to how to be a team player and a leader in your own way.
You learn what it means to BE a team, what it means to rely on each other, in a word...
You learn what it is to be accepted.
You also discover some of your strengths and weaknesses, you learn that the Camp Leaders aren't kidding when they say it gets COLD at night.
You may discover that its ok to have a random dance party or sing off-key to the music there.

You find creativity around every corner, you discover hidden talents and that some girls are just made to be camp leaders some day, but for now the girls that come are just a million different personalities and every one of them is just plain AWESOME.
One thing that I personally have learned over the years is that there may be a variety of girls and personalities, and there may be a few meltdowns from time to time, but when we all work together... we are like an unstoppable force of GIRL POWER.

The hardest part of camp may be saying goodbye to each and every friend you have made, but there is always next year's camp and if you are lucky, you will have made some friends for life.
So to sum it all up, you never know just what to expect from Girl Scout Camp, but you won't be disappointed.
I think that we all leave Camp with some pretty incredible memories.
-MountainDale Girl Scout Camp 2012
By: Amy Bissell