Friday, October 26, 2012

Major improvements going on at Camp Cleawox and the Seaside property!

While it's not camping season, Director of Properties Rex Buchanan and company are working on some big changes to Seaside and Camp Cleawox to make them better for Girl Scout use! Thanks to Rex and the property team for these photos and updates: From Rex: Ware in the midst of a full bathroom remodel at Seaside. Our old bathroom did not have a shower (or ADA compliant doors, sink, or toilet) thus users were forced to go across the street to the Parks and Recreation building to shower during overnight visits.  Our new bathroom with be larger, and have a fully ADA compliant shower, sink, and toilet. Here are some pictures from the demo and initial framing!
After the bathroom demo at Seaside

More from the bathroom demo at Seaside
Old bathroom at Seaside
ADA accessible shower going in at Seaside

Beginning of Adirondack improvements
At Camp Cleawox we are updating all of the Adirondack units and cabins. We are more proactively preventing bats form entering our structures. We are enclosing the open side of all of our Adirondack units with a half wall and cedar shake to match the existing exterior. The upper half of this wall will be screened to retain the open feel of these units. Each Adirondack unit will also have dual exterior grade screen doors for access. The cabins are getting screening at the existing open windows and screen doors where available.

Changes to Adirondacks