Friday, May 24, 2013

A four-year attendee shares why she keeps coming back to ICAN

Thanks to Dawn Miles, SU 16 Event and Travel Coordinator and Leader of Troops 40160, 45014 and 45124, for this blog post about the annual ICAN Conference at Mountaindale Outdoor Program Center. 

I’m a leader for girls Kindergarten through tenth grade. This year will be my fourth year at ICAN. Why do I keep coming back?

There are tons of workshops to choose from every year. I always learn far more than I can use in one Girl Scouting year. I hear about different opportunities and get great tips and advice. Each year I walk away with new ways to inspire my girls to learn, explore and to become strong, confident young ladies.   

But the biggest reason I return, is because it is a load of FUN! 

I get to be a Girl Scout for a whole weekend, and not just because I’m a registered Girl Scout, but because I get to live the GS experience.  I make new friends, play games, try new things, and all while getting a fresh new outlook to start the new Girl Scouting season. Nothing beats a social gathering of equally dedicated people.  

This year I am helping to plan the weekend and am excited to announce that we will have a supply exchange. Do you have too many craft/office supplies, patches, badges, uniforms, reference/instruction books, GS books or other supplies cluttering your troop bins? Bring them to the Supply Exchange and trade them for supplies you actually need! Please no magazines or other items that would otherwise go in the trash or recycling.  While many troops use such items for projects, we will not be swapping these.

I CAN will take place from October 18-20, 2013. For more information, visit Register by June 15 for a $10 discount.